At OZMA, we create timeless, easygoing clothing grounded in the realization that life expands when we pare back: we stand for being present, laughing often, redefining what is valuable, and finding poetry in imperfection. Inspired by moments that remind us that beauty is everywhere, our collections are guided by the palette and textures of the natural world; the tactile and the raw; the merging of the understated and the refined. 

OZMA is for all seasons — who we are now, who we are becoming, and the freedom to write our own stories. 


 Our Values 


Our truest selves, our place to reflect, our source of inspiration: we discover the deepest beauty and soulful guidance from the natural world and its inherent wisdom. It’s a metaphor that extends to our own selves; the reminder that when we connect to our honest way of being, we have what we need. 


Aware and engaged, we aspire to be thoughtful in everything we do. Our choices are considered reflections of our values, and it starts with the way we structure OZMA. Our business is intentionally small; rather than desiring untamed growth, we believe in a business that reflects a willingness to do things differently, to write our own rules, to treat everyone with integrity and respect. 


Paring back doesn’t mean stark minimalism. It means having an awareness of what we need and what we love — amplifying what matters, editing out what doesn’t. Our collections are grounded in pared back, timeless and beautifully understated shapes that eschew trend and excess in favor of longevity, ease of wear, and adaptability. In offering a smaller edit we hope to inspire the expansiveness that can come from living with less. 



How our values come alive through product 


We design pieces intended to be treasured without being precious —taken anywhere, lived in. Our collections celebrate the essence of timeless silhouettes and refined ease: The perfectly worn-in T-shirt you’re always in search of; the jumpsuit you find an excuse to wear anywhere; the quietly chic slip dress that embodies undone ease; the muted silk bandana that’s that extra, undefinable something. 


Our collections focus on sustainably sourced and biodegradable textiles that celebrate the beauty of imperfection. Fabric is a tactile language: We let nature’s inherent beauty guide us in choosing the highest quality sustainable fabrics - raw silk, washed linen, drapey cupro, all designed to wash, wear, and weather. 


Our signature OZMA palette is comprised of earthy neutrals that embody our sensorial world, swatches of the richly nuanced landscapes that inspire us and reflect the wild beauty we discover in the world. Our colors are a visual scrapbook of these moments, collected amid moments on land, earth, and sea, reflections of sun-faded blossoms, foraged grasses, a walk in the forest, desert landscapes, ocean-worn sandstone, rugged seaside cliffs, dried florals, summer on the coast...


Our Growth, Reconsidered


We offer a tightly curated collection of timeless essentials complimented by evolving, limited edition capsules. We don’t like to get wrapped up in seasons and excess and create what we love and want to live in.  In offering less, we hope to inspire more mindful consumption and less waste. Our pre-orders are an extension of that effort - inviting you to have a voice in what we make while making just what we need. More than designers, we are storytellers - creating beautiful and inspiring narratives that bring OZMA to life while sharing the evolution of us, and our community.  


Doing things our way means actually doing good. We are passionate about creating garments with conscious awareness at every step. We intentionally keep our production small, local or artisanal,  using only sustainable fibers. Our approach promotes quality of life - ensuring that every person involved in the creation & production of our clothing is treated with deep respect and fairness.  These choices make the cost of our goods more expensive, but by selling directly we avoid unnecessary mark-ups and can keep our collections accessible to you.   

Building A Sisterhood

Community means conversation, it means connection, it means building everyone up along the way. We are committed to our relationships — with our LA production partners, brands we admire, causes we believe in, and most importantly with our customers (you!)
We draw deep inspiration from our community of women — the stories we share and individuals we highlight are reflections of the connections and relationships that are our heartbeat.

Our Founder

OZMA was founded in 2015 by designer Heidi Baker, drawing on 15 years of experience in her industry beginning at Levi’s and driven by the desire to forge her own path. OZMA was born out of Heidi’s yearning to define success on her own terms, to create a line that supports sustainability and quality in every sense — in material, process, design, and as a way of living.  


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