Bandana Studies: A Visual Retrospective

A deep dive on our most versatile, beloved OZMA accessory…


The word “bandana” finds roots in bāṅdhnū, the Hindi word meaning “to tie.” The originally small, woven pieces of fabric were first printed by way of traditional block-printing techniques, and infused with natural dyes indigenous to the plants of South Asia and the Middle East (circa late 17th century).


While the lightweight durability of the scarf treads a history among the working class and the Hollywood Western, the personal accessory really emerges as an object of empowerment and expression in the 1940s. With her hair tied back cleanly by a polka-dot red bandana, an image of Rosie the Riveter encouraging women on the home front during WWII became one of the most iconic American images, an homage to unapologetic self-determination.


From artful origins to accessories for everyday utility, the banana ultimately represents an approach to form. Below, we revisit a few historic interpretations from women whose individual style inspires... 

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OZMA Travels: A Weekend in Mexico City

We’re big believers in the power of travel — there’s nothing like being in a new place to give you an immediate plunge of inspiration and a reframing of perspective.


In the spirit of the quick trip… last month OZMA friends Hayley Coupon + Leigh Patterson traveled together to Mexico City for a source of early summer inspiration. Below are their top picks for what to squeeze into a long weekend itinerary…and their suggestions for which OZMA pieces to take along as well (carry-on only, of course!)

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State of Mind: Ashley Ragovin

Ashley Ragovin is the kind of friend you want in your corner. She has a way of seeing to the core, through the haziness and formalities and nonsense. It’s no accident that All Time—the neighborhood cafe she co-owns in Los Feliz—feels effortlessly perfect, the ideal ratio of no-frills simplicity meets utter attention to quality meets no-rush, linger-all-afternoon-type of laid back. Ashley is both relentlessly honest and relentlessly true blue, the friend who will in the same breath serve you tough love, an earnestly rare compliment, and the perfect glass of Sicilian wine that you didn’t know you wanted or needed but somehow, of course, Ashley discovered while traveling through remote Italy, showing up and knocking on the door of an off-grid, old world winery, and befriending everyone there by just rolling up her sleeves and marching out to work in the vineyards for two weeks. That’s just how she does it, folks. We visited her at home to sit, drink wine, and talk. Below, a conversation on embracing our stripped-down selves; the specific growth that comes from loss; what it means to define (and redefine) who we are not just what we do.



Interview by Leigh Patterson, Photos by Helen Nishi   

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OZMA x Julie Byrne

We’re so excited to share an original OZMA short, featuring musician Julie Byrne and her song “Sleepwalker.” Shot on 16mm film in a secret spot in Topanga Canyon, we explored a narrative where the ethos of OZMA overlaps with Julie’s own story — daydreams and reflections on the path to California, the search for freedom and ease, the continual rediscovery of ourselves. A visual escape into a nature-filled, ethereal dreamscape. We hope you enjoy!

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A Summer Editorial with Tara Mayer

OZMA friend Tara Mayer is captured here in a summer editorial by Maui-based photographer Chanelle Blackburn. Tara wears the Grace Slip Skirt and Boy Tank.

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State of Mind: Alaina Sullivan

“Palate and palette,” Alaina Sullivan notes on her Instagram page, and it seems like a tidy summary of how the NY-based artist and designer has inspired us from afar, both in her artwork, in visual designs for publications like Bon Appetit (where she was a Senior Designer), and in the creatively no-fuss recipes and meals she shares on Instagram, pairing unexpected combinations of ingredients, texture, and color like…well, like the artist she is.


We visited with Alaina in her studio for a conversation on presence, (im)perfection, and how an unforeseen accident last year forced her to see the world (and her role in it) anew. 


Photos by Emily Hlavac Green

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Tagging Along With: Kendra Smoot

While she was amid a short but sweet visit to LA, we jumped at the opportunity to catch up with our friend Kendra Smoot. An incredibly talented Bay Area stylist, Kendra is a master of vintage shopping and an incredibly thoughtful soul who embodies what it means to live with intention and care .



Photography by Sophia Scrank 


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State of Mind: Leah Bradley

A scroll through Leah Bradley’s Instagram and you’re instantly transported to an afternoon on the coast — salty hair, barefoot kids, sandy feet, days outdoors. 


Photography by Arika McKeever

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State of Mind: Elise McLaughlan

Earlier this spring we visited the studio of Elise McLauchlan, a talented woodturner and furniture designer living in Vancouver by way of London. With a background in fashion and creating elaborate prop-driven window displays for clothing brands, Elise moved to Canada three years ago to set up her own studio where she creates her line of beautiful, sculptural, and useful hand-turned bowls, vessels, and home objects. Below we spoke with her about her current state of mind —her drive to create, how she dedicates time to chasing new ideas, and how she regards the ever-evolving practice of not being so damn hard on yourself.


Photos by Gillian Stevens 

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State of Mind: Anishka Clarke
“I did have an ‘A-HA’ moment when I committed to switching careers, but in truth it was precipitated by a yearlong soul search…The decision to switch careers was not made lightly but it did happen really quickly once I recognized that design was the only thing that made me happy to get out of bed everyday” . . . Read More
State of Mind: Stephanie Mei Huang
"I work best when I allow for the research/intellect and intuition/emotional idiosyncrasies to marry and marinate together." . . . Read More
Reconnecting. A Spring Editorial with Tara Mayer
Photographer Chanelle Blackburn captures OZMA friend and muse Tara Mayer reconnecting with her roots at dawn on the North Shore of Maui.  . . . Read More
Lisa P.
Lisa Przystup needs to be comfortable. As a writer, former-florist, and self-described "corporate desk jockey," she is always moving about, like an abstract painting, yet carefully arranges moments of stillness when and where she can. She is a bouquet of creative endeavors and one of OZMA's stylish muses. . . . Read More
The OZMA Bandana : A Love Story
Have you ever found yourself in a vintage store, rummaging through that bewitching giant basket of scarves? I always found myself digging through those endless piles, falling head-over-heels for the different interpretations. That’s how my love story with bandanas began, though the story of these scarves dates back much further than my vintage store rendezvous.  . . . Read More
Inspired by the evocative verses of the Estonian poet Aleksis Rannit, we are pleased to share with you this special Autumn Editorial, shot by Gillian Stevens, featuring OZMA friend and muse Tara Mayer . . . Read More
Inspiring artist and mother to be. We had the pleasure of visiting with Natasha before her birth while digging into what makes her such a creative and unique individual. . . . Read More
The magnetic personality behind Window of Imagination, a sensory story of minimalist ease and jaw dropping visuals. She has an acute eye for the perfect balance of art and silhouette and, better yet carries an adorable wit about her. . . . Read More
To describe her as dynamic would be an understatement. This Aussie has dabbled in just about every career, taken chances most of us aren’t bold enough to take, and is an inspiring entrepreneur and advocate for sustainable fashion. . . . Read More
Tara Mayer
Academic and adventurer, mother and muse. Tara’s life blends beauty, creativity, and intellectualism in a way that defies simple categories. We travelled up the coast toward the wilds of British Columbia and into Vancouver, for a conversation with this accomplished historian and friend of OZMA. . . . Read More
Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner is an LA based photographer who has focused much of her work towards socially conscious brands who partner with global artisans around the world to promote long term job sustainability within developing countries. She has spent a lot of her adulthood splitting time between East Africa, and many other remote areas of the world where a lot of her inspiration derives from. When combined with her small town Americana roots, her work has the ability to evoke honest spirit and emotion. . . . Read More

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